Cryptoworks Keys is a DVB conditional access system, developed by Philips CryptoTec but now belonging to Irdeto.

Cryptoworks is used by Digiturk, the BFBS satellite service, UPC Direct, ITV Partner the ORF, JSTV, and other pay TV or free-to-view systems; mainly in Europe. It is also used to encrypt some feeds to cable television head-ends.
Other conditional access systems include Irdeto, Nagravision, Mediaguard

TV Packages and Channel

Satellite Keys, key

Kingstone (5E/9E)

ID: 0D0020  00: A40403143ECB6220DA180E54851451EF
ID: 0D0030  00: BDD3A8E93764FFDB1D3866CF974A4077

ORF (19E)

ID: 0D0504 ORF on 19,2° with EMU Down :(

Turner (19E/13E)

ID: 0D0360 01: A480401A1D2F3E494B44477ED73BFE41 
ID: 0D035C 00: 839704927CDAC26369F58557EFCD51AB 
ID: 0D035C 02: 9A0A109C23A5C2175B1F870338CDCEC4

British Telecom (13E)

ID: 0D03A0  00: 2179387D6246099FB2E9733BDB4E1B78

ESPN America & TNT Germany Eurobird (9A @ 9°)

ID: W 0D0030  06: 23 90 91 78 1C 7E
ID: W 0D0030  00: BDD3A8E93764FFDB1D3866CF974A4077


Satellite Key, keys, New and Fresh for Satellite TV

Satellite Key, keys, New and Fresh for Satellite TV

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